Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[ Identity Studios ] Introducing Zito!

Hello lovelies~! Meet Zito. He's brand new at [ Identity Studios ] and would LOVE to come home with you :P

Grab a demo of Zito at our store, or shop in  the comfort of your own home! Click HERE for our marketplace listing!

Don't forget to check out Garden City Relief happening NOW at Copley Square! -ALL- item sales at the event goes directly to the NZ Red Cross to help with the Feb 22nd earthquake that rocked Christchurch NZ and left the city devastated.

Valeryan is [ Identity Studios ]'s contribution for the Relief, so make sure you check out the demo!


Talismere said...

I'd do that shape...heck I'd do all of them x_x Not that I'd ever do such things on a regular basis but daang they look yummy >_<

Alvena Weezles said...

You're such a playaaaaa :P

OMG inorite, i'm not biased at alllllll :D