Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some helpful hints (plus some ranting).

Hellooo peoples! Let's have a pretty picture to start you guys off with showcasing the new awesome jackets we got from >>>Poison<<<! We're completely in love with these jackets and we think everybody should visit >>>Poison<<<

 Now that we've got your attention, this is just some random bloggage plus some helpful hints, especially for people who does not know how to copy SLurls from the handy tool provided for us by Linden Labs, called the world map in SL. Let's get started!

Now, the easiest way to grab LMs are from creator profile's, since they OWN the shop, then it would be HELPFUL for the creators to self-promote their stores, yes? Once you open up the creator's profile, let's use Tigo's profile as an example.

Now once, you clicked that button, it should show up on the MAP, where the location is, and it would look like THIS.

See that button that I circled and put an arrow plus helpful instructions? CLICK it. It will automatically COPY the landmark of your chosen store, without you having to LEAVE your SKYBOX/PHOTOSTUDIO & or COUCH.

Now all you need to do is, once you go to your blogger of choice, be it Blogger or Wordpress, hold down ctrl-v (which is paste for those that don't know any better), and VOILA! The landmark will be pasted to where you want it! No need to TP around the world, finding landmarks etc.

What brought this on, was a certain blogger who we shall not name, that lives on a sim that we have our small club on. We were there yesterday and for the life of us, we couldn't figure out whhyyyyyy, oh god whhyyy, she kept TP-ing in and out of the sim, every 5 seconds she would tp out and then immediately back again. See the issue was that incoming and outgoing traffic causes massive lag, which is why when you have a busy sim, its flipping hard to MOVE when somebody TPs in or out.

So, this tutorial is especially for her :D


Tigo Volare said...

I think you explained that very well, aaaaaand I think you should post more of such tips for annoying hop-in hop-out hop-in hop-out hop-in hop-out hop-in hop-out hop-in hop-out hop-in hop-out noobs :D

Alvena Weezles said...

hop-in hop-out hop-in hop-out. do the hokey pokey and move it all around!

thank youuuu baby <3