Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's wrestle a muscled Mrs Santa

Skin: Mark Goatie2 Cut Hair Base Pale Lavie
Hair: Dan Hair UwSt
Eyes: mesmerize eyes blue Tuli
Face Tattoo: Bandaid Shakeup
Tattoo: Classroom Notes (Bottom Half) Aitui
Shoes: Vast Shoe Fiction and Chaos
Shirt: ButtonedHoodie Map Black Sey
Socks: 3line Socks short Sey
Shorts: Harf denim For Mens Gabriel
Hand rings: Gemma Ring&Nail Rozoregalia
Necklace: Kekoa Cocoa Primitive Design

I need more wrestle these avatars. They are not kidding. They're dead serious. They love stretched oversized bodies and muscled skins. You don't wanna land on top of these people and shout "BITCH, MOVE!", Emerald Wynn. But if you do, can I watch? :D

God I want that guy's stylecard.

My wife: "Jesus"
Me: "Baby, even Jesus would run away now"

I'm secretly hoping those ridiculous breasts will make her float away forgood. Ho ho ho!


Tempest said...

where do you find these people - you two are some kind of freak magnets - and dont you say it!! <3

Tigo Volare said...

In your basement