Monday, December 6, 2010

Easy living

Counted scripts from 10 attachments on Zoie Shinn: 5
Avatar Rendering Cost:  877

Skin: Sundust Yum Pure Curio
Shape: Ana (Edited) Noirilicious
Hair: Gille espresso Mikan
Hairbase tattoo layer: Ebony Amacci
Eyes: luminous eyes blue Tuli
Shoes: Vast-Shoe Fiction and Chaos (copy the shoes and delete scripts)
Pants: Sunday Sweatpants Grey League
Scarf: Taylor scarf Stripes Artilleri
Sweater: Marius knit sweater Artilleri

I love this outfit when I'm either at home, or tping around to shops, cause it's so easy and lagfree to wear. Just for the heck of it, I gave myself an Estate Managers script warning :D Hey I was bored. Bite me.
Woot, a whopping 0.04 Ms! That's including AO.
If you have no clue what I'm on about, don't ask. Neither do I. Just get the sweater and scarf at Artilleri, doctors orders ok?

Hello Zoie Shinn, you are receiving this automated message because you are wearing heavily scripted attachments/HUDs, causing excessive script lag ( 0.04 ms, that's ca.  0.18% of the region's resources.)
Please remove resizer scripts or attachments to reduce your script time, thank you.
[12:12]  Zoie Shinn (auto-response): No.

1 comment:

Alvena Weezles said...

Have i ever mentioned...that i LOVE LOVE LOVE...your subtleness and sarcasm?

Oh btw. I LOVE YOU! <3