Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missing the sun

Yes, I know my arm sticks through my coat. Leave me alone. And the sunlight and the shadows aren't real either, they scream Windlight. So what? It's snowing here and I want sun on my face. Stomps foot.

Skin: Sundust Frex Dark Yum Curio
Shape: Ana (edited) Noirilicious
Shirt: Womens Contrast Long Sleeve Beige/white Whippet & Buck
Jacket: MilitaryCapeCoat Khaki Aoharu
Jeans: Delirium Jeans Ocean 2 Miseria
Oh oh, about the jeans. Finally, these are modify, unlike the other Miseria pants. I always edit the pants more lose. No superskinny anorexic legs for me.
Boots: Far Boots Miel
They're awesome. Probably blogged to death but I dont care. You can change the texture of the boot and of the sock, and you can delete the scripts.

Which brings me to my last subject.
<--Takes a deep breath.
If you have trouble TP-ing, check the amount of scripts on yourself. How? Rolls eyes and sticks tongue out. Right click your avatar and click S. count. Mine is usually around 10 to 20. If yours is 100 or the dang scripts out of your stuff!!!
I feel so much better now.
Thank you.


Nissa Nightfire said...

love this picture! :)

Zoie Shinn said...

Thank you, I love it too :)

Tempest said...

ok that first photo is just beautiful... now I feel confused and a little bit dirty... you traumatised your daughter damn it!

Zoie Shinn said...

Takes out the cold water hose, you better behave young lady! And here I was thinking, that if anyone is an expert on confusion and dirtyness, it's you :D

Alvena Weezles said...

hubba hubba *wolf whistles* <3 :P

Throws towels at Tempest. Traumatised, says the spawn, snickers :P