Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I don't even know how or why I ended up wearing this. o:0  The first signs of dementia have arrived. Oh well. Picture time!

Skin: Mark Goatie2 Cut Hair Base Normal LaVie (KaoZ Koba)

Cap: Ball Cap Black Kal Rau (Kal Rau)

Glasses: Crowe glasses primOptic (Nibb Tardis)

Face tattoo: Warpaint Dark Little Pricks (Syn Beresford)

Chewing on: Chewing Wheat Sand Shack Surf Co (Emma Gilmour)
Woah. STOP. IF you're into Rockabilly, Vintage, 50's and that sorta stuff, go see Artilleri after you've been in Sand Shack. It's in the same sim and it's the ultimate shop for those themes. Ok ok, you're too lazy to walk, so go here, you lazy bums. Do I have to do everything for you??!

Necklace: ID Lanyard CHIC (Alidar Moxie) It requires some editing (hours if you're a clutz like me) to get it to fit, so make a copy first and then have fun! Add your own pic and background :D

Shirt: Baseball Jersey Red Dog Gear (Ruff Zepp) The shirt is free and comes in all layers. Yes, free. You know you want it.

Jeans: Washed Tortoise V003 Valiant (Wavie Haller)

Gloves: Biker glove Black. Groupgift. Gasp (Asalt Eames)

Shoes: REBEL punk chucks black Rebel (arian Voss)

Baseball Bat Hackitectors (Peregreen Storaro) Marketplace, 9 Lindens

The poses are from Diesel Works Animations


Alvena Weezles said...


Nononono, not dementia baby, it's almost winter, being a chipmunk, its your brains telling you to hibernate and store up your nuts >.> <.<

Don't hurt me! I LOVE YOU! :P

Tigo Volare said...

Raises an eyebrow and looks at Alvie. Nuts, baby? Well you're the expert on that. And I even forgot to put a name above the post. Sighs and groooowwwwwwwwls with chipmunk voice.