Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've just been doing some gardening, and Alvie has been decorating the house. OMG. We have turned into our boring parents. I'm looking at the pics and go "awww those flowers are nice" A year ago I would've thought who the hell cares about stupid flowers. So I'm blaming Alvie for making me get all this mushy stuff.

*Points* Flowers and fence from iTuTu. Go get them. The house is from [SPRY] and costs 450L$

Livingroom: (there's only 1 room but what the heck, I like making it sound as if we have a huge palace) Awesome and weird furniture at Lisp, where Alve got the wicked bookshelf from. The crate on the table is another iTuTu creation. Go there or I'll sulk forever.

Oh and while you're there, get the 10 L$ gift thingy called (iTuTu) paper planter gift. It's at the YumYum shop on the shelves with the hats. It's copy and it looks awesome. You can wear it if you want to look silly.

Harpoons are awesome. Specially when she *points at pic* is on iPhone and she can't see or walk. I harpooned her to that spot without telling her of course, it would just get me a lot of "ouch" and "you're so mean" Needless to say, after this picture she ended up in the water :D Anyways! The tree stump is called happy stump, has a bunch of nice poses in it for 2 people. Of course, also from iTuTu

Pic taken with the new shadows feature. Even though i can hardly take a step or move at all, it looks amazing. Too bad it was too laggy for me to visit sims, I really want to take more pics.

Another pic with shadows.
And then they lived happily ever after. Hic.

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Alvena Weezles said...

pffft stop blaming me on the mushy things, POT!

AND pfffttt!! so mean to me!

I love love love our home baby! And I LOVELOVELOVELOVEEE you!