Sunday, November 7, 2010

Friends Feature!

Because there's only so many pictures of ourselves we can take, and clothes too, we've decided that we're going to attempt to rope somebody else in every now and then! If you wish to show off your stuffs, please leave us a message!

This week, it's the green-eyed monster *cough* oh sorry, i mean, beauty, Cats Kornfeld :D

Location : The Muzik Stage

What Cats is wearing: 
Skin: Laq Claudia2 Nougat 06 Glow skin (Mallory Cowen)
Tattoo: Para Designs Celtic Warrior light (Vicky Werefox)
Eyes: Poetic Eyes Sunny Glade (Lano Ling)
Hair: Truth Mica crow (Truth Hawks)
Nails: La Compesse Gothic Manicure skull (Evangeline Beaumont)

Top, pants & bracers are part of the Renegade in Black outfit from Twisted & Spoiled (Phia Vaughan)
Boots: Zero 0N Wo Boots Black (Mai Runo)

Earrings: Fusion Multi Silver earrings (adria Joubert)
Necklace:  Fusion Cord Cross Multi necklace (adria Joubert)
Bracelets: Kraftika Bracelet No 306 (Anuitka Barthelmess)
Ring: Ronsem Claddagh Ring (Eow Reverie)

1 comment:

Cats said...

You just be aware of the monsters under your bed hun.. they are my family :P Thanx again, I love the pictures :)